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Dungeon Solvers: A Look Into Flanking in D&D 5e

Posted 20 Aug 2018: I grew up playing primarily D&D 3.5e, but I’ve played miniature war games and other types of games all my life. When I found out that flanking is an optional rule in D&D 5e it was fairly surprising. I have opted to not use it in my game - more

Welcome to RJD20: All About Monstrous Player Characters

Posted 20 Aug 2018: Its Saturday night. The players of my Yatar group have gathered around the table, prepared to face the wilds of Zaza Isle: Poisonous plants, cruel creatures, and an insane grung tribe. However, theres a new face at the table, my friend, Anthony, an - more

Loot The Room: Monday Map: Loot The Library

Posted 20 Aug 2018: The squat, L-shaped building is nothing special to look at. Inside is a two-storey library that is open to the public at all times of the day and night. No staff appear to work here. At midnight each night, all Read More - more

The Tome Show: The Ravnica Episode (Round Table 158)

Posted 20 Aug 2018: Guests: CJ Oliver, Jesse Callaghan,Gail SenatoreRecording Time: Tuesday August 7th, 9pm EASTERNThank you to our a leknight.com/" style="color: #000000;">Noble Knight Games&Dice EnvyGet to Know You Question: What is your favorite Ravnica p>Ravni - more

CROSS PLANES: Shadow of the Demon Lord: Dwellers in the Dark

Posted 20 Aug 2018: The dwellers in the dark left the surface world over a thousand years ago to worship Chod'Xoth the Nightbringer. Their shamans taught them what fungi to eat for darksight and food. Within in a few hundred years the strange radiation of the caverns an - more

The Kind GM: #RPGaDay 2018: Day 18 Art that inspires your game

Posted 20 Aug 2018: Art is awesome. We could all agree there’s at least one piece of art that gets our creative juices going. This art can belong to a specific game. For example, D&D 5e has amazing art. Just look at it! There’s so much in this picture an - more

CROSS PLANES: Untold Adventures: Orbling

Posted 20 Aug 2018: Orbling for Untold r />Armor Class: 7 [12]Hit Dice: 2Attacks: BiteSpecial: Orblings critically hit on a div>HDE: 2Orblings are strange planar beings who are called to the prime material plane when too much magic is channeled in an area in a very - more

Dungeon Solvers: Reskinning and Reflavoring Creatures in D&D 5e

Posted 20 Aug 2018: My players have been around for a while and it can be difficult to make some of my favorite creatures feel new and challenging. Reflavoring and reskinning these creatures are some possible solutions to make new creatures while still keeping that clas - more

CROSS PLANES: Untold Adventures: Sagitaur

Posted 20 Aug 2018: Art by body>Sagitaur for Untold r />Armor Class: 8 [11]Hit Dice: 1Attacks: BowSpecial: v>Move: FastHDE: 1Satitaurs are nomads who hunt the plains. The often travel in groups of 1d6+1. They find the hearts of humans to be a delicacy and believe t - more

Melvin Smif's Geekery: Temple of the Spider D&D 5e Adventure

Posted 20 Aug 2018: Before you direct you attention to the post below can I be so bold as to interest you in a gaming Convention? This November in downtown Dayton, Ohio The RPG Academy will be hosting AcadeCon for their 6th year! Registration … Continue reading &# - more