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The Kind GM: Status Update: Im Alive

Posted 18 Oct 2018: Alive and kicking, to be precise. I’ve been away. That’s obvious, if you take a look at the date of my last post. There’s a really good reason behind that which I’m going to explain. I’ll be quick, though, because I don& - more

CROSS PLANES: New Release: The Class Hack Second Edition [UDATED]

Posted 18 Oct 2018: Hi all,I've updated my Class Hack, Race Hack, and Class Hack 2 to David Black's The Black Hack Second Edition. It's up for sale right now.Additionally, if YOU bought The Class Hack First Edition and you have given me permission to e-mail you on RPGNo - more

Terminally Nerdy: Kingdoms of Amalur: A Review

Posted 18 Oct 2018: There is a moment towards the end where I say the word 1; in regards to the game and I immediately realize I should not have. I apologize for that, and I am still working to unlearn a lot of… - more

The Id DM: Ego Check with The Id DM Episode 32 Danny Rupp

Posted 18 Oct 2018: I’m joined this week by Danny Rupp, co-founder of Critical Hits and a very active participant on social media discussing Dungeons & Dragons and other roleplaying games. Danny talks about the origin of Critical Hits and how it gained increas - more

Ed The Bard: 3 Halloween Horror-Themed One-Shot Ideas

Posted 18 Oct 2018: Well hello, boils and ghouls. It is I, your ghostly host with the most; Dread The Bard. 'Tis Mid-October, a time for changing leaves, carving pumpkins, and terrifying your players with a grisly one-shot in the theme of All Hallows Eve. Why a one-shot - more

Dungeon Solvers: Playing D&D 5e on a Budget

Posted 18 Oct 2018: If you look online you’ll find a lot of people with big collections of books, awesome miniatures, detailed maps, and custom-made character sheets. It’s intimidating, especially for those that want to get into the hobby and don’t hav - more

The Tome Show: The Demon Lord Himself (Round Table 161)

Posted 18 Oct 2018: Round Table /p>Round Table with Rob Schwalb, the Demon LordGuests: Rob SchwalbRecording Time: 09/25 8pm ETGet to Know You Question: What's your favorite 5e Rob Schwalb - veteran of the TTPRG industry, he has worked with many companies including WotC, - more

CROSS PLANES: OSR Guide For The Perplexed Questionnaire

Posted 18 Oct 2018: G+ is dying, but there has been a renewed energy to the OSR. Many within the community have decided to try out the social media startup sp;the OSR group is here, a new DIY forum has sprung up, James Young created a compiled list of blogs to help - more